COE - Certificate of Entry

All travelers who wish to enter Thailand during Covid-19 situation need to have a COE, Certificate of Entry issued by the Royal Thai Embassy. COE is applied at The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm, Monday - Friday 9.00-11.30. And has to be applied at least 14 days before your travel date. To apply for COE you need to submit:

  1. Flight ticket. You can purchase tickets on Semi-commercial flights (now there are Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar airlines that are eligible for this kind of flight from Sweden. Lufthansa will also eligible after 17 October 2020 onwards. And many more airlines to come). Once you have purchased your ticket, you must fill in the google form below.
    Click here to go to Google Form. 
  2. ASQ, Alternative State Quarantine. You have to book a quarantine hotel directly with the hotel of your choice (do not book with a booking site such as or You need to have a confirmation from the hotel that your booking is an ASQ booking. All the approved hotels are listed here. 
  3. Insurance. You have to be able to provide medical insurance which covers Covid treatment minimum value of 100,000 USD or equivalent in any other currency. It has to state in your insurance policy that it covers Covid-19 treatment up to at least 100,000 USD.
  4. Declaration Form. Click here to download
  5. T-8 Form. Click here to download
  6. Copy of your passport
  7. Copy of your visa (if you already have a visa)
  8.  After submitting the document, please register your intention to
    the google link

Submit the above documents to the Royal Thai Embassy at least 14 days before your travel date and we will issue a COE for you.