Guide for traveling to Thailand during Covid-19 situation for non-Thai citizen

(updated 2020-10-15)

Please follow these steps if you wish to travel to Thailand during the Covid-19 situation.

  1. You need to have a visa if you wish to travel to Thailand during the Covid-19 situation. This applies to all travelers including Swedish passport holders who previously can travel without a visa. For information about visa, Click here.
  2. You need to apply for COE, certificate of entry. For information about COE, Click here.

Once you have all the documents for applying for Visa and COE, you can come to the embassy and turn in your applications. Monday - Friday 9.00-11.30. You have to apply at least 14 days before your travel date.

Within 72 hours of your travel date, you need to have a Covid-19 PCR test, and the result has to be negative. On your certificate, it has to state that it is a PCR test. You also need to have a doctor Fit to Fly certificate that is not older than 72 hours from your travel date.

On the day of your travel, you´ll need to bring the following documents with you at the check-in and have it available in your hand luggage.

  1. Your passport with a visa in it.
  2. COE, certificate of entry.
  3. Travel insurance for at least 100,000 dollars that covers the treatment of Covid-19. 
  4. Booking. of ASQ (alternative state quarantine).
  5. Fit to Fly certificate
  6. Negative PCR Covid-19 test
  7. Declaration Form. Click to download.
  8. T-8. Click to download.

All travelers must stay in quarantine at a state-approved quarantine hotel for at least 14 days and tested for Covid-19. There is no exemption for this regulation. You are not allowed to quarantine yourself at a private resident.