1. Required Documents for foreign Press please check information from http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/media-center/25543-Information-for-Foreign-Press.html

Please contact the Embassy for actual information how to obtain this type of visa for being a journalist!

Required Documents for a Film shooting in Thailand

  1. Visa application form (Click here to download)
  2. A passport (validity of not less than 6 months and contain at least one completely empty visa page
  3. A copy of passport (the page that shows your photo, name, date, and place of birth and the expiration date of passport) 
  4. Two  photographs (approximately 3 x 5 cm, front view, taken within 6 months (homemade photos will not be accepted)
  5. An original confirmation letter of Approval from the Office of Tourism Development, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports. "Please click here"
  6. A Letter from an employer in Sweden which identifying purpose of visit to Thailand, Length of employment, name of the company/organization in Thailand that you are going to conduction business with, your position, Salary (In case of applying for multiple entries, please state clearly the necessity of getting a multiple entries or writing trip planned for multiple entries one year)
  7. Evidence of financial status such as Bank statement, the company business registration with your name on it

The Embassy will be REJECT your visa application if your documents above are not completed


  1. The Embassy does not provide copying or printing service. Please always bring your own copies. The Embassy reserves the right to keep all your document as a reference after processing your visa application
  2. The embassy reserved the right to ask for more additional document or interview if needed