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This Type of visa is for a person who wished to study in Thailand.


  • Visa application form completely filled out. (click here to download) 
  • An original Passport or travel documents with (validity not less than 6 months for single entry and 18 months for multiple entries) when you apply for a visa and contain at least two completely empty visa page) and must not be damaged.
  • A copy of Passport (The page that shows your photo, name, date, and place of birth and the expiration date of passport) Please note that the copy shall be on an A4 paper
  • Two(2) photographs, size 3cm. x 5cm. light background, MUST not be taken more than 6 months and MUST not be your home made photographs
  • Letter of acceptance from Ministry of Education of Thailand.
  • Letter of acceptance from the concerned accredited school/ International School/university  or institution.  
    Additional documents require for Private school/Educational Institution or under University level;
    A copy of school license (must be certified true copy with signature by School Principal/Manager)
    A copy of license of school manager. (must be certified true copy with signature by School Principal / Manager)
    Letter of approval from government agencies such as the Office of the Private Education Commission, the Office of the Basic Education Commission.
  • A student certificate from your Swedish school, university or institution if you are still studying indicating the detail of your education in sweden and program or education of concerning school in Thailand
    In case you are not studying at the moment, please provide us the copy of your graduation certificate from the previous studies. Or certificate from your latest employment.
    A copy of your Student ID card
  • Financial statement / Saving account, such as CSN or Bank statement showing amount of money to cover the period of study in Thailand or saving account equal 7,000 SEK/months to cover the period of your studing in Thailand


  • 700 SEK for single entry
  • Visa fee paid in CASH ONLY when submitting application.
  • Visa fee may be changed without prior notice


  • The Embassy does not provide copy or printing service. 
  • The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents.
  •  The Embassy will REJECT your visa application if your document above is not completed.
  • Do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before your arrival date to Thailand.
  • The Embassy will not return the fee paid for visa application in case the applicants apply for visa too early than 3 months so that the applicants MUST check period of stay and arrival date to Thailand by yourself carefully.