Special Tourist Visa (STV)

STV Visa is valid 90 days from the date of issuance and a permit to stay in Thailand for 90 days by starting from the arrival date. This permit of stay can be extended 2 times (90 days each time). 

Required Documents for STV 

  1. An original passport must be valid, not less than 12 months of the day of your travel to Thailand, with one (1) copy
    2. A visa application form (click here to download)
    3. A recent passport-sized photographs taken within the past 6 months
    4. An original medical certificate from a licenced doctor. (Click here to download) The certificate must not be valid for more than 3 months.
    5. An original of criminal record The certificate must be valid, not less than 3 months.
    6. A copy of valid health insurance certificate from Thai insurance company; https://longstay.tgia.org/ with indicating that:
        6.1 cover the whole period of stay in Thailand
        6.2 have medical benefit in Thailand for outpatient must not be less than 40,000 Baht
        6.3 have medical benefit in Thailand for inpatient must not be less than 400,000 Baht.
    7. Accommodation (**after 14 days Alternative State quarantine ASQ**) :
        7.1 In case the applicant or family (proof of spouse/children) member owns a condominium, please submit :

    - a copy of the confirmation of applicant/family member’s property ownership OR

    - proof of payments for purchasing/leasing of a condominium unit at least 2 instalments OR

    7.2 In case the applicant does not own a condominium in Thailand, by staying in a hotel, or a rental condominium/ house please submit a copy of full payment of booking/rental confirmation directly from the hotel with whole the period of staying in Thailand.

  1. Marriage certificate and birth certificate is required when travelling with your spouse and children under 20 years old.

Remark: Please note that holders of STV visa still need Certificate of Entry (COE). For information about COE, Click here.


  • 700 SEK for single entry
  • Visa fee paid in CASH ONLY when submitting the application.
  • Visa fee may be changed without prior notice


  • The Embassy does not provide a copy or printing service.
  • The Embassy will REJECT your visa application if your document above is not completed.
  • Do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before your arrival date to Thailand.
  • The Embassy will not return the fee paid for visa application in case the applicants apply for the visa too early than 3 months so that the applicants MUST check the period of stay and arrival date to Thailand by yourself carefully.
  • PROCESSING TIME (with completed documents)
    In-person or by a representative: 7 business days Collection date for the visa is specified on a payment receipt. Always bring the receipt when collecting a visa.
  • Consular officers reserve the right to request additional documents, or an interview with the applicant, as deemed necessary, without prior notice.
  • The Royal Thai Embassy reserves the right to refuse a visa to an applicant with insufficient documents or if the reasons are given are not fully supported. The visa fee is non-refundable.