Visa for Certain Countries

Passport holders from these 30 countries below are required to submit the additional documents: The applicants must have permited resident in Sweden to be able to apply visa

1. Afghanistan***
2. Algeria
3. Bangladesh
4. Cameroon 
5. Central Africa 
6. China 
7. Democratic Republic of the Congo 
8. Egypt 
9. Equatorial Guinea 
10. Ghana 
11. Guinea
12. India
13. Iran
14. Iraq***
15. Lebanon

16. Liberia
17. Libya
18. Nepal
19. Nigeria
20. North Korea***
21. Pakistan
22. Palestine
23. Republic of the Congo
24. Sao Tome and Principe
25. Sierra Leone 
26. Somalia
27. Sri Lanka 
28. Sudan 
29. Syria
30. Yemen




  • These counties above please DO NOT purchasing/buying the flight ticket or accommodation until your visa approved

  • Visa application must be submitted before travel date at least 4 weeks.

  • All requiring document MUST be in English

  • The applicants from above nationality must have resident permited in sweden to be able to apply for visa

  • *** Please Note: Citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea: Approval of visa application for Iraq, Afhan and North Korea nationals can take up to approximately 45 days after submission of documents at the Embassy.



1. A Passport or Travel Document (validity of not less than 6 months on the arrival date in Thailand and contains at least ONE completely empty visa page)

2. One copy of Passport or Travel Document (The page(s) that shows your photo, name, date and place of birth and the expiration date of passport.)

3. One visa application form (Completed and signed by the applicant. Do not copies applications For children, the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must sign the form on the child's behalf). visa application download

4.  Two (2) recent color passport photographs, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, front-view, must be taken within the last 6 months. All photogranphs must look the same. white background.

5. One copy of valid Swedish visa/residence permit. Residence permit must be valid during period of travelling and returning to Sweden.

6. Original Personbevis from skatteverket (English only)

7. One copy of a reservation/booking airline tickets, showing arrival and departure dates for Thailand. The  embassy strongly advises that all applicants NOT to buy their ticket before the Embassy has confirmed that their visa will be issued

8.  One copy of hotel/Accommodation reservation in Thailand. (showing your name, date of arrival and departure and full address of hotel reservation)


  • An original invitation letters in English or Thai from a guarantor in Thailand. The invitation letter must states a relationship between the applicant and the guarantor, the purpose of applicant's visit, and the duration of stay. The guarantor must submit his/her Thai Identity Card or Thai passport photocopy and signs his/her name to certify true copy.

9. One original employment certificate from an employer in English mentions the applicant's job position, salary, purpose of visiting Thailand,  and the date when the applicant is expected to return to work.

  • If the applicant is a student please include one original confirmation letter/student certificate in English from the school, college, or university
  • In case of unemployed MUST having a sponsors, Please bring

-A copy of his/hers passport

-A copy of his/hers employment certificate showing monthly income (English only)

-A formal letter of your sponsors identifying who is he/she is? And the relationship to you.

10. One original of applicant’s recent bank statement in English. (Reflect at least 2,500 SEK per person, 5,000 SEK per family)


For Non-Immigrant "B" Business Visa:

Foreigners who wish to conduct business/Conference/Meeting/Seminar in Thailand,The Embassy  requiring additional documents as following:

  • A original Letter from the applicants 's current employer which indicating the applicant's possition, Length of employment, salary, purpose of visit to thailand, name of the company/organization in thailand.
  • A copy of a Business Registration of the company where that applicant is working (F-skatt sedel paper) not older than 6 months and up to one year.
  • An evidence of financial status (Bank statement)
  • if you are self-employed or owner of the company please bring company Bisuness registration showing your name on the paper.
  • An Invitation Letter from company/organization in thailand together with a copy of Company's Business Registration and Business License (in Thai and not older than 6 months and up to one year)
  • Visa fees 600 SEK

For others type of visa please contact the Embassy for more information!

*** The Embassy will be REJECT your visa application if your documents above is not completed. (Effective from 20 October 2015)***


  • Please submit the application before travel date at least 4 weeks.
  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request for additional documents as deemed necessary and also reserve the right to reject any application without having to provide reason.
  • The Royal Thai Embassy reserves the rights to have a personal interview with any applicant.
  • The Embassy does not provide copying or printing service. Please always bring your own copies. The Embassy reserves the right to keep all yours document as reference after processing your visa application
  • All applicants must be seside in Sweden only.


  • 300 SEK for Tourist Visa
  • 600 SEK for Non-Immigrant type "B"
  • Visa fees paid in CASH ONLY when submitting application. (Visa fee may be changed without prior notice)


  • Tourist Visa fee and Visa on Arrival fee will be collected as normal starting from 1 April 2011.
  • Do not apply visa earlier than 3 months in advance before your arrival date to Thailand.
  • The Embassy will not return the fee paid for visa application in case the applicants apply visa too early than 3 months so that the applicants MUST check period of stay and arrival date to Thailand by yourself carefully.


  • The validity of a visa is 3 months for single entry.
  • The Embassy issued visa from the date you hand-in visa application.


Travelers with this type of Tourist visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 60 days, and 90 days for Non-Immigrant visa type "B"begin on the first date of arrival in Thailand. Please note that the visa must be used before the "Enter Before" date which is written on the visa page. (Subject to the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the immigration check-point)


Those who wish to stay longer, re-entry permitted or may wish to change their type of visa MUST file an application for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau located at Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141-9889 (or at The extension of stay as well as the change of certain type of visa is solely at the discretion of the Immigration officer.


  • Applying in person or representatives ONLY. Application processing time will take 1-2 weeks
  • in normal case.
  • Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea: Approval of visa application can take up to 45 days after submission of document at the Embassy.
  • Collection date for visa is specified on a payment receipt. Always bring the receipt and when collecting a visa.
  • The Embassy in Stockholm DOES NOT neither accepted nor returns visa application by post.
  • If you have these nationalities you MUST apply for visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm ONLY


  • Visa applications must submitted between 09.00-12.00 hours Monday-Friday.
  • If granted, visa can be collected Monday-Friday between 14.00-16.00 hours ONLY
  • Closed on Thai and Swedish Publish holidays. Please check holidays list before visiting.


  • The Embassy will not process an un-completed visa application.
  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary.
  • The Embassy will not return the visa fee paid after hand in your visa application
  • Type of visa cannot be change after hand in your visa application.
  • The applicants are fully responsible for choosing and submitting correct type of visa according to your purposes and period of stay to Thailand.
  • After collecting your passport with issued visa, the applicant MUST check type of visa carefully and make sure it accords with your purposes and period of stay to Thailand.
  • If there are any doubts, you MUST raise it immediately with the staff. Otherwise the applicants will take all the consequences by themselves.
  • Visa requirement and information can be changed without prior notice.


Please see more detail at General information or contact the Royal Thai Embassy, Stockholm

Visa telephone enquiry: Monday-Friday between 13.00-16.00 hours.

Telephone number: + 46 8 588 04250 or e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it