Notice on Temporary Change of Visa Application Method

From 18 March 2020 until further notice, the Royal Thai Embassy (RTE) Stockholm will accept visa application through postal service only. Please see the information about your desired visa type below

For passport holders of these 30 countries below, please kindly call RTE for more information before processing your visa.
08-588 04 250 (13,00-16,00)

  1. Afghanistan*** 2. Algeria  3. Bangladesh   4. Cameroon    5. Central Africa
  2. China 7. Democratic Republic of the Congo 8. Egypt       9. Equatorial Guinea   
  3. Ghana 11. Guinea 12. India   13. Iran  14. Iraq***   15. Lebanon
  4. Liberia 17. Libya 18. Nepal  19. Nigeria   20. North Korea*** 21. Pakistan       22. Palestine 23. Republic of the Congo    24. Sao Tome and Principe   25. Sierra Leone           26. Somalia  27. Sri Lanka    28. Sudan    29. Syria  30. Yemen

*** Please Note for citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea: Decision of visa can take up to 45 days after submission of documents at the Embassy.

Send your visa application by REK post to

Royal Thai Embassy
Box 26220
100 40 Stockholm

With your application, you shall also include the documents listed below for the category of visa that you wish to apply. Cash payment for the visa and return envelope and REK addressed to yourself.

Following by the details below.

Buy frakt online  Rek inrikes. for 100 gram. per 1 passport.

Sender  *Private

Please write the Embassy address as Sender: 

Royal Thai Embassy
Box 26220
100 40 Stockholm

Receiver:  Your address in Sweden. [Person who picks up the passport must have valid ID.]