Buying properties in Thailand

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1. Land Ownership

In general, foreigners are allowed to own land in accordance with 4 major laws, namely, the Land Code, the Investment Promotion Act, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand and the Petroleum Act. For details, please see the article "Land Ownership and Foreign Investors" or click here for more information.

For project promoted by Thailand Board of Investment(BOI) the promoted companies allowed to own land for carrying the promoted activity. Please click here for more detail.

2. Condominium

Acquisition of Condominium
Application for Ownership of Condominuim
A brief Summary on how to buy a condominuim in Thailand

3. Foreign Shareholding

In general, the Foreign Business Act 1999 ("FBA") is a law governing certain business activities. Under this law, certain business activities (List One, Two and Three), mainly in service sector, are required to have Thai majority ownership. Animal farming is in List One of FBA. Please click here for more information.

For BOI Promoted Projects: All projects in manufacturing sector promoted by Thailand Board of Investment(BOI) can be 100% foreign-owned. For a project in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, mineral exploration and mining and service businesses under List One of the Foreign Business Act 1999, it is required that Thai nationals must hold shares totaling not less than 51 percent of the registered capital.