Ambassador attended an online end of term ceremony “SFI Study Buddies”

          On 22 May 2022, Ambassador Kanchana Patarachoke and Minister Counselor Thanida Menasavet attended an online end of term ceremony of the “SFI Study Buddies” Project organised by Ms. Katanjali Friberg, Project Manager. The ceremony was well attended by Ms. Somphit Hogstrom and Ms. Tuenta Lundkvist, Language Instructors, assistant teachers, project coordinators and a number of students.

          The Project was initiated by Ms. Friberg and Ms. Hogstrom in 2021 to have a free online classroom for Thai nationals in Sweden and those in Thailand who plan to settle down in Sweden, as a preparatory and complementary course for SFI classes organised by Swedish Kommuns. The course is in Thai and does not substitute SFI classes. Instead, it gives confidence to and boost language skills for the students to finally pass their SFI classes. Another strength of the Project is that it covers all Thais throughout Sweden and those still in Thailand whether or not they already have a Swedish identification number. The first term lasted 10 weeks from 16 January- 22 May 2022 with 670 applicants. Application for the second term will start in June.

          Ambassador Kanchana thanked the Project’s organising team and stressed that Swedish language skill is very important as it helps Thai nationals in Sweden better integrate into and contribute to Swedish society. The Embassy stands ready to work with Swedish authorities to support the project.