Ep1: Cooperation on Sustainable Forest Industry and Innovative solutions for forestry Thai Embassy Study Visit

          The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm, together with the Thailand and Nordic Countries Innovation Unit (TNIU) and the Eco Innovation Foundation (EIF), is organizing a study visit to Sweden on sustainable forest management, innovation in forestry, cities, and sustainability from 28 August to 1 September 2023. Representatives from relevant Thai stakeholders participating in the study visit include the Royal Forest Department, the European Division of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Forestry and Engineering at Kasetsart University, Thammasat University, Program Management Unit for Competitiveness Enhancement (PMU-C), the Architect Council of Thailand, SCG, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, and TPS Furniture.

          Today, on 28 August 2023, Ambassador Arunrung Phothong Humphreys welcomed the Thai delegation at the Ambassador’s residence. Also, Mr. Aaron Kaplan and Klas Bengtsson, CEOs of EIF, gave an overview of the purpose of this study visit, which is to mutually explore the possibility of creating a viable timber construction industry, along with promoting sustainable forestry in Thailand.

          In the afternoon, the Ambassador led the delegation to Hammarby Sjöstad for a discussion session with Mr. Alexander Ståhle, a Sustainable Urban Planner, about a concept led to an creation of Hammarby Sjöstad’s development.

          Today’s activities ended with a visit to the Stockholm Wood City Project, the world’s largest urban area built in wood, for a briefing by Mr. Håkan Hyllengren, Business Development Director at Atrium Ljungberg, Ms. Katarina Wåhlin Alm – Director of Urban Development, Nacka Municipality, and Mr. Anders Börjesson, Head of Business Promotion, Nacka Municipality. The Thai delegation had intensive discussions on views and ideas regarding the management of large-scale timber building projects that require periodic review, experimentations, learning, and adaptation.