Promoting Muay Thai in the new format “Muay Thai Flash Mob Dance”.

          Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has collaborated with several counterparts to promote Muaythai in a new format like Muay Thai flash mob dance in public areas in Bangkok. Famous celebrities also joined in this activity.

          The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm is also part of this project. With the courtesy of the owner and Muay Thai trainer,Mr. Peter Lööf, the Embassy team had an opportunity to visit the Slagkeppet gym and join in a Muay Thai practice session of young Swedes and adults. A video clip and photos were taken with prior consent from the youth’s parents and everyone appeared in the VDO clip/photos. The clip and photos will be part of the MFA campaign to promote Muay Thai and importantly to emphasize that Muay Thai is for “everyone, everywhere, around the world”.

          You are invited to watch “MFA Muay Thai Flash Mob Dance II” live streaming tomorrow (10 September) at 11.30 hrs. (Sweden time) and 12.30 hrs. (Latvia time) through MFAThailand (@ThaiMFA) and MFA Muay Thai (@MFAMuaythai) Facebook Channels. The dancers include famous young Thai celebrities such as 4MIX band, Dome, Fluke, and Lannafighting. Stay tuned!! Dance with us online tomorrow.