Registration of Swedish divorce in Thailand.

Required Documents.

  1. Original verdict (or validated copy)
  2. Personbevis the Thai partner. It must be stamped and signed by the Swedish Tax Agency

These documents must be legalized at,

  1. UD, Juridiska Expedition
  2. Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm (to book an appointment click here).

These will then be translated into English and then into Thai and the translation will then be legalized at a notary public, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Thai Embassy in Sweden.


In Thailand.
The verdict, Personbevis, and translations must be legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (legalization division) and then submitted to the registration office/Ampour where the Thai party is registered.

Take the Thai marriage register paper / Thai divorce paper from the registration office/municipality together with the house registration document, a new ID card, and your passport to the passport department at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Thai embassy in Sweden to renew the passport with the new surname.