Royal Thai Embassy team attended Loy Krathong Festival hosted by Thai Ban Restaurant.

          On 13 November 2021, Ambassador Kanchana Patarachoke and officials of the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm attended the Loy Krathong Festival at Thai Ban Restuarant (Vatthagsvägen 3, 19452 Upplands Väsby Tel. 08-590 302 06) at the invitation of the Swedish-Thai Cultural Association (Svensk Thai Kulturforening). Authentic Thai dishes can be found at Thai Ban Restuarant.

          The Loy Krathong Festival falls on the full moon day of the 12th month of the Lunar Calendar and this years falls on 19 November. It is the occasion to apologize to the Mother River and thank for allowing us to use it (or in these modern days it maybe an oaacsion to reflect about our water usage whether it is efficient or environmental friendly or not). Loy Krathong is also an occasion to float our bads, illnesses, pain, and misfortune away. For Thai communities abroad, it is a time to think back to our homeland and to carry on the longstanding cultural tradition to our younger generations.