South of Thailand

Dhala: Sweet Blossom Collection

Dhala flowers (Etlingera elatior or torch ginger) are a symbol that flourishes in the lush rainforests of southern regions in Thailand. Along with the wild fern leaves growing nearby in the moist areas showing the fertility of the forest.

Kolae and Inspiration

Kolae is a traditional fishing boat used in the southern provinces of Thailand which have their unique identity. The boat is decorated with beautiful hand-painted patterns and colours that are inspired by the multiculturalism of Chinese, Malay and Thai.

The art of the patterns on the Kolae is a local wisdom that has been inherited from the early generations until the present day. The patterns have an eye-catching style with a colourful choice which inspired to paint on the fabric to reflect the beauty identity of the three cultures that have been existing in Thailand for a long time.

Left Mannequin

Batik pattern inspired by Chinese porcelain plates
Pieces of tiles from China Found in the urban area in Pattani Province, which is located in the Southern part of Thailand, 500 years ago that tells of the richness of the people that they have a taste for using fine dishes from faraway lands.

This is another evidence that still exists which tells the story that Pattani was a trading station of the era where both merchants from distant lands and visitors pass by and settle down.

Right Mannequin

Lepas: A Hand-drawn and Block printed batik
‘Lepas’ is a Malay language which means ‘letting go’ or unleash the frustration into the simplicity of life.
Lepas is (หาคำว่า ปล่อยชายผ้า) As known as ‘Kain Lepas’ or a multi-purpose cloth of the Thai-Malay way from a long time ago.

People usualy uses Lepas like ‘Loincloth’ from other regions of Thailand. The patterns are arranged in all areas, the popular patterns are flowers, leaves or other shapes and colorful which are quite popular in the southern regions of Thailand.

Lepas cloth also has a story connected with the way of life of Malay society of all ages and connected deeply in their culture, from wrapping or carrying a baby, wrapped over the women’s head (Hijab), Or Semutar for the men’s version, wrapped around the waist while farming, Use it to wrap kitchen utensils like pots, plates, bowls, and many more.

“Lepas” therefore takes the opportunity to develop fabrics by creating patterns with the wisdom of batik making and conserving the multi-purpose use of Lepas fabrics that are colorful in the way of the Southern community in the past to the contemporary way of life. Lepas fabrics can be used as a stylish batik scarf. and used to fold into a bag, can also be used as a shopping bag instead of plastic bag with the trend to reduce plastic waste nowadays.

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Thailand Map #2peaceTogether

2peaceTogether is the name of the collection that is synonymous with the verb ‘to piece something together’
which means joining, collecting, and piecing together.

This Batik collection uses both different patching and print techniques in the same fabric. It is an inspiration that clearly reflects the tangible differences in the combination of positive creativity and differences in cultures, traditions and beliefs.

We should learn to live together and understand one another in order to create a peaceful society.

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