Thai Embassy team attended Thailand Culture Day at Uppsala.

         On 10 September 2022, Ambassador Kanchana Patarachoke together with the Embassy team attended the Thailand Culture Day (Thailändsk kulturdag) organized by Watthai Uppsala Förening right in the heart of Uppsala downtown. The event is part of the Culture Night (Kulturnatten) festival in Uppsala, the biggest cultural festival in Sweden. This year is the first time after the Corona-virus outbreak that the festival was organized physically again.

          The event was also well attended by Thai communities, Swedish family and friends, also people from other countries. The festivities included traditional Thai dancing, demonstration of #Muaythai Wai-Kru and fighting, selling of Thai food and desserts, money transfer and legal advice services by Thai lawyer, etc.

          It was a lovely day of happiness and joy for Thai communities in Uppsala and all festival’s attendees. Big cheers also go to #Sweden for being open of cultural diversity.


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