The 2022 Annual Meeting of Thai-Language Teachers in Sweden Association.

          On 3 November 2022, Ambassador Kanchana Patarachoke and officials from the Royal Thai Embassy attended the opening ceremony of the 2022 Annual Meeting of Thai-Language Teachers in Sweden Association at Språkcentrum, Stockholm. The Meeting was organised by the Thai-Language Teachers in Sweden Association and was attended by 35 Thai-language teachers in Sweden and 6 committee members of the Association. Ms. Reneé Schlegel, Head of Språkcentrum, gave a welcoming remarks to all attendees, stressing on the importance of providing mother tongue languages to children.

          In her opening remarks, Ambassador Kanchana stressed the importance of learning mother tongue languages as a gateway to appreciating culture of the motherland. She praised the Swedish education system that integrates mother tongue language teaching in school system. Ambassador Kanchana also thanked all Thai-language teachers in Sweden who have played an important role in instilling Thai culture through Thai language among Thai children and youth in Sweden. She stressed the importance of using mother tongue language with children and the fact that both parents should support learning of the mother tongue language. In teaching the language, teachers should also integrate knowledge that may benefit the children as well.

          The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm always stands ready to support Thai communities in Sweden in empowering their communities and in maintaining Thai language and culture