The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm made a food donation and other amenities at Stockholms Stadmission.

           On the occasion of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s birthday ( 28 July), on 27 July 2021, the Ambassador and the staff of Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm made a food donation to the disadvantaged at Stockholms Stadsmission. The menu today comprises steamed jasmin rice, stir fried chicken with cashew nuts or salmon curry, chocolate or raspberry cup cakes, apples, and drinks. Also provided are hand gel bottles, toothpaste and tooth brushed and other amenities.

           On the same occasion, a food donation has also been made to 145 Covid-19 infected children and their caretakers at the field hospital in Yala Province, Thailand. The menu comprises steamed jasmine rice, fried chicken, chicken green curry, sweetened pumpkin. The donations are from the private contributions of the Ambassador and staff members of the Embassy and the Office of the Military attaché in Stockholm. May the good merits made bless you all.