The Royal Thai Embassy took part of MFA campaign to promote Muay Thai.

          On 7 September 2022, the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm took part in a Muay Thai training session with young Swedes and adults at the Slagskeppet Gym in Stockholm (, with the courtesy of the owner and Muay Thai trainer, Mr. Peter Lööf. A video clip of the training session was produced as a result for further distribution by the Thai Foreign Ministry, with prior consent from the youth’s parents and everyone appeared in the VDO clip. The clip is a part of the MFA campaign to promote Muay Thai for “everyone, everywhere, around the world”.

          The Embassy has learnt that Muay Thai is very popular in Sweden and training gyms can be found countrywide especially in big cities. Swedish Muay Thai boxers have also brought home top prizes from world competitions. Cheers for Muay Thai!!

Click here to see the clip.