Where and how to apply for a visa

  1. Where to apply

1.1 Royal Thai Embassy 

Address:                             Floragatan 3, 114 31 Stockholm 

Tel.:                                     +46 (0) 588 04 267 

Telephone Inquiry:            13.00-16.00 hrs.

E-mail:                                 visa@thaiembassy.se


1.2 Royal Thai Honorary Consulate (Gothenburg): Tourist visa (single entry) only

Address:                              Norra Hamngatan 36, 411 06 Göteborg
Tel.:                                      +46 (0) 706 150 641
Website:                              www.thaiconsulate.se

E-mail:                                 info@thaiconsulate.se


  1. How to apply

  • From April 2021 until further notice, the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm will accept visa application by appointment only.
  • Please make an appointment online to submit an application in person or through a representative with the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm. 
  • To book an appointment, please Click here
  • Please note that it is not possible to apply for a visa via post. All postal applications will be rejected.
  1. Pick up your visa
  • The processing time is one week.
  • You can collect your passport on Monday to Thursday between 14.30-15.30 hrs.
  • Please bring an application slip with you when picking up your passport on the date specified on the application slip. (no advance booking needed)
  • Passport with a visa can be returned by a registered post. Please prepare an envelope addressed to applicant. You can buy a registered post through postnord.se.
  1. Additional information
  • Holders of travel documents other than ordinary passports must submit an application at the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm only. 
  • Application for a Non-Immigrant visa (O-A) and Tourist visa for certain countries must be submitted at the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm only. For more information, please click here.
  • Applicants residing in Sweden and Latvia may submit their tourist visa application (single entry only) with the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Gothenburg. Please contact the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate directly for more information.