Power of Attorney, Legalization.

For non-Thai citizens:
You must sign the document with a Notary Public and then have it legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD Juridiska Expedition) of Sweden or Ministry of Foreign affairs of Latvia (Latvian citizens) before you submit them to the Embassy. We do not have the authority to witness a signature of the non-Thai citizens. 

  • Application form (click to download)
  • Originals and a copy of the documents must be submitted together.
  • Copy of passport or ID-Card for applicant.
  • Legalization fee is 175 SEK per stamp, payment using swish only. If your documents are to be legalized by mail, please attached your phone number and email with the documents and our staff will contact you regarding the payment.

Make an appointment online Click Here.


If you want to sending document by post you must register online (REKOMENDERAD BREV) Please Visit  (www.postnord.se) Click  (Köp frakt online) then choose REK  then choose 250 g.
then print out self-addressed return label and put it on envelope 
Sender :  write the Embassy address!
Royal Thai Embassy
BOX 26220

Please write your E -post so the Label and receipt will be sending to the email address that you wrote. 

Recipient:   write your address in Sweden (The person on recipient must have valid ID card to pick up the register return envelop