For Employment of Thai Citizen, you need to send in the following documents

  1. The Employment contract. The documents have to be stamped by a Notary Public and UD Juridiska Expedition before you submit it to the Royal Thai Embassy.
  2. Decision from migrationsverket
  3. Copy of the employees' passport
  4. Copy of the employers' passport


  • Application form (click to download)
  • Originals and a copy of the documents must be submitted together.
  • Legalization fee is 175 SEK per stamp,  payment using swish only. If your documents are to be legalized by mail, please attached your phone number and email with the documents and our staff will contact you regarding the payment.

Process time:  3 working days for personal submission. 5 working days when submitted by post

Om ni vill att vi skicka dokumentet med post så måste ni besöka postens hemsida och köpa ett REK Porto som ni skriver ut och ta med samt ett  C4 kuvert.

Porto för REK inrikes. För 250 gram.

Avsändare *privat*

Royal Thai Embassy Box 262 20, 100 40 STOCKHOLM

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