Legalization of employment contract to work (For Thai nationals going to work in Sweden)

The Employer or the Employee must send the draft of the employment contract to the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm by email at for review BEFORE submitting the signed original contract to the Notary Public and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The process takes around 1-2 weeks after the contract is approved by the Embassy.


Required Documents:

  1. Application form (click to download) Please print and fill in all details.
  2. The original and a copy of the employment contract. The original must be legalized by a Notary Public AND the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD Juridiska Expedition) of SwedenMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia (for Latvian citizens), and then make a copy.
  3. Decision from Migrationsverket.
  4. A copy of the employees' passport. 
  5. A copy of the employers' passport.
  6. A returned envelope with the attached postage label (If you send your documents for legalization by post).


Options for Legalizing Your Documents:

  • In-person Submission: 

Submit your documents in person at the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm, and you can receive the processed documents on the same day. Before you visit the Embassy, you must book an appointment and prepare all necessary documentation.  Click Here to book an appointment

  • Submission by Post:

If you prefer to send your documents by post, they will be returned to your home address in Sweden or Latvia. It takes 3-5 days, depending on the postal delivery by Postnord. For postal submissions, you must purchase a registered postage label (REKOMENDERAD BREV, INTERNETBETALD) to facilitate the return. Visit , click on "Köp frakt online," choose REK, and then select 250g. Print out the self-addressed return label, affix it to the envelope, and send it along with your documents.

Sender's Address:

Royal Thai Embassy (Legalization)

BOX 26220


Please provide your email address, as the label and receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

Recipient's Address:

[Write your address in Sweden or Latvia, telephone number and email address]

Note: The person at the recipient's address must have a valid ID card to pick up the registered return envelope.


Legalization Fee:

175 SEK per stamp. (We only accept payment via Swish, and it should be made at the Embassy).

If you are sending your documents for legalization by post, please include your phone number and email address in the application form. We will then contact you regarding the payment.

For those residing outside Sweden or sending the documents from Latvia, kindly enclose 175 Swedish Krona per stamp in cash with your legalized documents in the envelope too. 

For more information, please reach out to us via email at  or contact us at 085 880 4258 from Monday to Friday, 2-4 pm.