Minister of Labour of Thailand visited Thai berry pickers in Sweden.

          On 8 – 12 September 2022, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labour of Thailand, together with high-level officials of the Ministry, were on a study visit to learn about Thai berry pickers in Sweden, following a visit to meet Thai berry pickers in Finland. In a meeting with the Royal Thai Embassy, Stockholm on 8 September 2022, Minister Suchart and the delegation were given an overview and discussed about Thai berry pickers in Sweden, who are seasonal workers, coming to work in Sweden from July – October every year. These berry pickers go through an employment process by the Department of Labour, have a health insurance and are taken care of by Thai and Swedish companies. They receive a guaranteed pay every month and are protected under Swedish law. The Ministry of Labour and the Royal Thai Embassy, hence, encourage those interested to work as berry pickers in Sweden to come to work in Sweden legally through this channel in order to be duly protected.

          The Embassy asked the Ministry of Labour to support more Thais to come to work in the professions that Sweden is in need, especially those working in nursing and elderly care homes, as well as in IT and high technologies sector, and to support skill training for traditional Thai masseuses and Thai chefs and food stall owners. The Ministry of Labour (Department of Employment and Department of Skill Development) expressed its support and emphasised that the Ministry always strive to find new labour markets abroad for Thais, including those that require high skills.

          Minister Suchart and the delegation also visited Thai berry pickers in Soderhamn. The Minister gave dried food supplies to the berry pickers and exchanged views with them on how the Thai Government can better protect Thai berry pickers in Sweden. The delegation expressed full support and readiness to assist the workers if and when needed.