Thai Identity Card - ID card

Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Stockholm offers Thai national ID card renewal service (Smart Card) for Thai nationals.

You can reserve a time to renew a Thai ID card or to edit/cancel the reserved time by click here.

Please read all details of preparation for obtaining a Thai ID card service below before booking.

Thai ID Card application procedure can be watched at

Who is eligible to apply for a Thai ID card abroad?

  1. The applicant must have had a Thai national ID card before and the existing card is:
    - expired
    - lost, destroyed or damaged.
    - changed of first name, last name or address**
  2. The applicant must be a resident of Sweden or Latvia.

    **If you want to edit your first / last name or address, you need to have a document or evidence of change obtained from the district office in Thailand.


Evidence/documents for applying for an ID card service

  1. Identification Card Application Form. Click Here
  2. Expired card/damaged card/card that needs to be corrected with the first name, last name or name prefix (Can only be edited in English). However, any change will have to be referred to the civil registration database.
  3. If the card is lost, please bring a copy of the original card along with documents identifying you as a Thai national, such as a Thai passport with a photocopy or a copy of the house registration with 13 digits of an ID card identification number.
  4. Proof of the name prefix change, first name change, last name change or change of the first and last name.
  5. Fee 35 SEK (Payable by Swish, in case of a lost card, damaged card or card replacement due to card information change).




  1. Cardholders can apply for a new card before the old card expires. The request must be submitted within 60 days before the original card expires.
  2. Applicants who want to make an ID card must be a person who has already had an ID card. Those who wish to apply for the first ID card must contact and submit an application at the district office in Thailand only.
  3. In case of the first name and/or last name change in Thai, this can not be done at the embassy. You must contact and apply for a new ID card at the district office in Thailand only.
    ** If you wish to change your last name in Thai to be in accordance with your foreign passport (after marriage), you will need to do the following:
    1 Bring a Personbevis document that shows a change of status or family status changed along with a marriage certificate to certify documents at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet - UD).
    2 Bring documents No.1 (after being certified by UD) to certify the documents at the Royal Thai Embassy. (You can check the information on certification of documents at this website.)
    3 Bring documents No. 2 to translate into Thai.
    4 Bring the translated documents to certify the translation at the Department of Consular, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Thailand).
    5 Contact the district office in Thailand to request for a change of last name and request a new ID card service there.
  4. If you wish to do a Thai ID card and passport on the same day, it is recommended that you make a reservation for both departments on the same day. Kindly reserve an ID card time slot first (takes 30 minutes). You must reserve a time slot for the passport department after the ID card time slot. (Make a reservation at the ID card department and passport department separately). When you have completed your ID card application process, you will receive a new card right away. Therefore, you can use the new ID card to proceed with the passport renewal at the passport booking time.
  1. The applicant will receive a new ID card right away. It normally takes about 30 minutes.



For more information, please contact the Thai ID card department at:

Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Stockholm (Consular Section)

Phone +46 (0)8 588 04 258  between 14:00 and 16:00. (Mon - Fri)