Thainess in Sweden

Thainess means a lot when Thais are far away from home. At least they can be proud that they come from a society with invaluable traditional and cultural roots. The Embassy had organized a photo contest on the theme of “Being Thai in Sweden” in December 2020. The total of almost 600 photos were submitted to this contest. The committee comprising the Embassy, the Tourism Authority of Thailand Stockholm Office, and the Chair of Sala Thai Association, had examined all the submitted photos and decided to grant award number 1-5 and 10 honorable mention prizes. The photos submitted show Thainess in diverse angles, ranging from arts and performances, cuisine, beliefs and values, love and respect for the Thai Nation, Religion, and Monarchy, and Thai-Swedish ties, to name a few. These photos show their pride in being Thai. Some photos make us smile. Others make Thais miss their homes and loved ones back in Thailand.