The Ambassador and the embassy staff attened to the Buddhism almsgiving ceremony that organized by Thailändska Kulturföreningen i Malmö.

          On 20 August 2022, Thailändska Kulturföreningen i Malmö organized the annual almsgiving ceremony to Thai Buddhist monks from Watpa Copenhagen and Wat Sanghabaramee, Eslöv at Arlövs Teater. The event was attended by Ambassador Kanchana Patarachoke, the embassy staff and the Thai community in Malmo and nearby cities including their Swedish families and friends.

          Around 60,000 – 80,000 Thais are currently living in Sweden, with quite a number of them in Malmo and other cities in the Southern part of the country. Wherever they are, they are known for their hard work and contributions to their communities as well as their support for one another especially newcomers. The hard work by Thai associations like the one in Malmö helps instill Thai culture and way of life for the second and third generation of Thais in Sweden to enable them to also appreciate the culture of their motherland.

          Big cheers to Thai communities and associations in Sweden!

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