The Ambassador attened a Fika organized by the Happy Child Foundation.

          On 21 May 2023, ambassador Arunrung Photong Humphreys and staff from the Royal Thai Embassy attended a Fika organized by the Happy Child Foundation for the benefits of Happy Child Home in Phuket, Thailand. The event serves as an opportunity for friends and supporters to meet and interact in person annually, as well as fund raising and allowing the opportunity for the supporters to meet the Thai youth in their support through live VDO conference.

          Thai youth in Happy Child home thanked the supporters for the recently completed renovation of their housing. The supporters also enjoyed the valuable experience and impression from a volunteer of the foundation.

          In this event, ambassador Arunrung took the opportunity to converse with youth at the Happy Child home during their live VDO conference with the supporters at the event, where she encouraged the youth to seize the educational opportunity they are receiving from the foundation and develop themselves into good Thai and global citizens.

          The Happy Child Foundation was set up by Susanne Janson and Han Forssell who lost their family members during the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Happy Child supports underprivileged children in Thailand, giving the children safe upbringing and the possibility to get a good education and a bright future.