The Commemoration of the International Day for Visak 2021.

          In commemoration of the International Day for Vesak 2021, the Royal Thai Embassy held a Buddist Ceremony at the Residence of the Ambassador on 25 May 2021 in the morning by inviting Monks from Santinivas Temple. In the evening of the same day, Ambassador Kanchana attended a virtual commemoration of the International Day for Vesak 2021, organized by the Swedish Buddhist Community or Sveriges buddhistiska gemenskap (SBG).   

          The Event’s activities are such as a tribute to the Buddha, meditation, and the presentation of SBG’s environmental work on Buddhist Green Days.On this occasion, Ambassador, on behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy and Thai Community in Sweden, made a financial donation and provided a number of Thai Buddhist literature (in English language) to SBG in order to support its activities in promoting Buddhism in Sweden. Please rejoice in the merit making and be blessed by this good karma.


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